We are 48 Degrees North


Founded in a dormitory bedroom at the University of Puget Sound, 48 Degrees North is the source of the PNW’s newest alt-rock sound. With influences ranging from pop rock to funk, their music has begun to garner attention throughout the greater Seattle area. Tune in to hear Aidan Glaze’s sweet vocals, Anand Landon’s powerhouse lead guitar, Manuel Tirado tickling the ivories on keyboard, Hunter Dunn locking it down on the bass, and Alonso Tirado keeping rhythm on the drums.


Who are we?


“You miss out on every opportunity that you don’t take” - truer words couldn’t be said about this band. In the winter of 2017, triple-A (Aidan, Anand and Alonso) started jamming together because none of us felt completely satisfied with the music we were getting at school. Learning advanced theory and classical performance was great and all, but we wanted to just rock out a little.


At first it’s just for fun. We play some covers and bat around a few original ideas until one day Aidan gets a call, asking if another group he performs in wants to play a benefit auction. That group isn’t available, so Aidan offers 48 Degrees North instead, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Those first few gigs were all about figuring out our sound (it wasn’t even clear yet who played which instrument), and with each performance we grew a little more into what you hear today. To find your sound, you just have to play music together. Luckily, we love doing exactly that, and when a song finally gels and everyone has an important role to play... that’s when the magic happens.


Since adding Manuel and Hunter to the group, that magic has only gotten stronger. Manuel and Alonso’s brotherly relationship makes us laugh and cry on the daily, and Hunter and Aidan go way back. We love playing music together, but before that we love each other.


So what’s next? That’s for you to decide. Our fans keep us moving, and while we’ll keep making music regardless of whether fame and fortune come with it, this is all for you. We hope you’ll stay on this journey with us as we take our shot. It’s the scariest and most exciting thing we’ve ever done.